Tuesday, July 03, 2007

for the record

I do knit a lot. The name, Obsessed with knitting, is probably the first clue.
However, I'm currently unemployed.
I work part-time, intermittently, at my LYS, help friends with whatever I can, volunteer on Ravelry, take care of the bunnies, worry about global warming, clean the house, do laundry, and shopping.
But for the most part, when I'm home, I'm knitting.

Speaking of volunteering, while editing some patterns, I saw this cute one on the Caron website (free!):

And this is a cute shrug (also free!):

Glee is going. slowly. going.

Do you see the yellow heart stitch marker?! :-)

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Jerry said...

Hi "S"
Are you looking for work or just taking the Summer off? You knit beautiful wearable clothes as opposed to the simple projects that may be a reason to add or improve technique. I lurk here to see what new project you have on the needles. Wanted to say hi. When you recognized me in LPK I must admit I was embarrased. My wife giggles all the time because she has never seen that side of me before or since. Thanks for making her smile! :) I forget that my blog is not just for my amusment. Oh as far as the job goes what kind of work are you looking for? Just currious.