Thursday, July 19, 2007

charts are serious stuff

Swan Lake Cardigan: Two-page chart.

I started knitting and then I ripped.
I started knitting again, and then I ripped a little.
I started knitting, and following the chart and the stitch guides - I thought I was the funk.
I looked more closely at the chart and then I ripped 30 rows.

There is a difference between


However when the symbols look like this
on the page, it's a little difficult to see.

I had a friend try and enlarge the chart, but apparently I need to make it much larger.
So this

will now have to wait until I get to Kinkos or Staples to enlarge the chart.

BTW, this project being worked in, what I've called the green yarn, is Argosy Hanna DK (silk/merino).

In the meantime, I am altering the neck of the Traveling Vines Camisole, so I'll be ripping out one side to the shoulders and reknitting the neck. I finished the second side, and stopped at the cast off for the shoulders.

I am also making progress on Sheer Poncho.

It's a pattern I've had bookmarked forever, wanting to do.
I'm using Argosy Haiku 2-ply (silk/cashmere).

And, no, I won't be wearing it as a dress (if you look at the last page of the pattern).

Last night, I bought Rowan 39, because I couldn't resist using Haiku in a beautiful color, Wedgewood Blue, for Glad.

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Christie said...

How did you know I was wondering if you'd be wearing it as a dress? :)