Saturday, December 02, 2006

awake, thinking of ripping

It was all I could do to no get out of bed on Thursday night and run to check the gauge on the vest pattern from knitsimple fall 06. I had already taken back the buttons that I bought for the Japanese vest cape pattern and knew in my hear that it would be ripped soon. ill-fitting.

but it didn't stop there. consumed with a yarn choice for sahara, and feelingly extra miserly, I decided that I would rip out a sweater I made two years ago.

it contains a very nice taupey merino silk that is the perfect weight. this sweater is very bulky anyway.

when I told Dave of my plans, he balked, "I like that sweater!"

Ummm, yeah, no.

the cape vest was unraveled first thing on Friday morning. the front of the vest is knitted and I'm working on the back now.

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