Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've joked...

that Canada will be the new California.
It is December 6th and 81F degrees outside right now.

Tomorrow I will be getting the Patons Street Smart pattern book for the Urban Aran - but will I really want to buy the wool yarn that it calls for and knit it up?
I really like wearing my finished objects. Today I'm wearing the steel grey wool boucle wrap cardigan sweater and SWEATING.
When will I be able to enjoy the things I've knit?

Monday I'll be heading over to my long-time knitting buddy's house to watch and learn how to dye wool! She just started her own business selling hand-dyed 100% cashmere. It's VERY NICE.

When I'm not knitting, I'm reading about knitting online.
When I'm not reading about knitting online, I'm thinking about pattern ideas.
I think I would like to get a sketch book and keep it handy - I would definitely like to learn more about designing knitted garments.

My style is very simple and elegant. I don't get into all the colorwork - I like stitching details that make an ordinary design unique.

I get inspired by so many things. On the 405, on the way north for Thanksgiving, I saw a truck driver's sleeve - can't get the image out of my mind. Y&R's Ashley's shirt 3/4" sleeves and the neckline was wide, not too deep - perfect.

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