Friday, December 15, 2006

It will be a Channukah miracle

I am on the toe of the second sock and have been very worried for two days that I won't have enough yarn. I even emailed the cashmere yarn seller to see if he had more - and he checked his stock, had sold the last of it, and there is no more to be had.

I've ripped the toe out once, and need to again - so I'll have the final pic tomorrow.

Here is my new yarn balled, I'm dying knit it (can I at least get one pun in?).

But this is a better picture of the actual color.

And here is an object that was finished last month. This was done in a mohair/acrylic blend - it's a Japanese knitting pattern. The stick holding it together is a sweater closure that I asked my father, who is a wood carver, to make for me. Do you like it? I can't decide...

My Elann yarn has not showed up yet - probably because the postal gods knew the sock wasn't done yet.

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shizzknits said...

love the color of the dyed yarn. so pretty! I think the closure is cool- but there's no way I could carry it off. I'd probably end up poking myself in the eye! On YOU it looks good.