Saturday, December 30, 2006

surprised me

I got my Vogue Knitting in the mail - apparently before it's hit the stands!
and then was surprised to read comments that the issue was not well recieved!

I actually like a few things.

the construction for this pattern involves quite a few strategically placed pieces and has short rows! I like it very much!

I'm not a big fair isle fan, but the edge color detail on the front pieces of this sweater are very cool.

There is also a piece not shown in the preview - it has a knitted top and crocheted bottom - it's VERY pretty - I would really like to do that one - I am thinking of doing top and bottom in different colors!

and finally this piece, in the crazy roses section - is very cool. it's an impressionistic version of roses and the black and blue color blocks on the shoulder and bottom right go onto the back - it is actually very pretty. I would consider doing this at some point.

I agree - they did go cable crazy.

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