Friday, December 08, 2006

I've said it before

and I'll say it again.

I am a sucker for suggestion.

I just saw this post.
In particular the cabled cardigan and it looked so nice - I was instantly on a search to see more of the inside of the book from which it came and find the book at the price (which I did and know I'm tormented over a $5 book purchase). It turns out it's a how-to on knitting:

The illustrated pages containing over 200 photographs teach readers how to read a pattern, determine gauge, and accurately shape each project. A helpful stitch library and discussion of color encourages increasingly confident knitters to design new looks. And the benefits, warm hand-knit pieces and an outlet to relax and refresh the mind, are irresistible. 30 projects include shawls and ponchos, floor cushions, baby blankets, mittens, and a dog coat. This book offers an informative and fun look at the history and development of knitting.

I don't want shawl, poncho, mitten, and dog coat patterns. But lord knows I could use help on determining gauge.

My father's scarf was posted on Wednesday and now I'm working on finishing the second Hedera sock, a second scarf for a special project, and I'm awaiting my urban aran pattern to arrive today - and as soon as it does I'll be purchasing the elann yarn.

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