Thursday, January 04, 2007

done and done

The urban aran is finished - zipper installed - I hope to have a good picture soon.
And last night I finished the chevron scarf.

So the only thing I'm working on right now is the slouchy cardigan - I finished the back and started a front.
It's going pretty fast.

And now I need something else to work on.

When I finish writing this I'm going to go investigate yardage of a skein of cashmere that I got from my good Colourmart UK friend to see if it's enough for a heartstrings lace ladders pattern.

If not, I'm thinking of making another pair of socks for Dave - I have more of the green yarn that I used to make his golf vest.

And if neither of those inspire me - there is always the unfinished spiral top - if I start now, I might be finished in time for spring. And probably be able to wear the piece before I'll ever be able to wear the urban aran...

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