Wednesday, January 10, 2007

deciding, then finishing a project

I tried the cashmere yarn with the heartstring lace ladders pattern - but because the yarn is so multi-colored, variegated, and too fuzzy for the pattern - the pattern didn't stand out. So I ripped it out.

Then I decided to use the sock books that I bought, do some math, ask Dave if the circumference of his foot was small, medium, or large, and pick out pattern and knit him some socks with the left over green wool/acrylic yarn. I started the sock and I'm not liking the way it looks either. The special rib pattern looks like crap.

In the back of my mind, I've been thinking about my friend (who I haven't seen in a year and a half) who had a baby last month and whether or not to knit her a baby present. Today I surfed on to a blog where someone who was knitting the Oat Couture blanket. I love short rows - how fun would that be?! I looked to see if I could buy the pattern online, but was directed two retailers who would sell it. I didn't feel like doing that research. Then I remembered Sheree had done a pinwheel.

This pinwheel pattern is free. I think I will do it in some knitpicks shine. Thank goodness the baby is a girl, I've got a ton of pink, orange, and off white.

Well, I've just been looking online and found the OC pattern at And they'll ship it me for under $3. I think that the pattern might go faster than the pinwheel, it's in garter.

It's a done deal - OC pattern has been ordered! Yeah shortrows!

Being home today is dangerous. Now I'm eyeing yarn for the Vogue pattern that calls for Anny Blatt Merinos - the new york noir short sleeve, low v-neck in red. I'm eyeing the Elann Wool/Silk blend. They have some really nice colors. I'm considering Antique Blue or Raspberry.

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