Sunday, January 28, 2007

executive eyelet blouse decision

blouse is as bad a word as slacks

but the decision is to work the front in one piece.

reason #1: knowing me, the two pieces would turn out to be different sizes
reason #2: not really feeling the crochet seam up the front
reason #3: I love short rows and it will be fun to do them at the same time
reason #4: I originally thought that the each front side was three separate pieces that needed to be sewn together, I thought it would be fun to experience knitting the sections and get a feel for the design of the pieces - but each front is knit in one piece

this is the project that I am using the bright pink cashmere/silk yarn

melissa is not going to like the color variations in the yarn. she keeps muttering something about working with spools instead of skeins...

I believe that the spots that didn't take the dye have soap residue on them. there's sort of a white film to them and when I rub my fingers against the yarn, my fingers feel slippery

once I finish the front, I'll be re-knitting the sleeves - using US5 instead of 6.

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