Monday, January 15, 2007

slouchy cardigan corrections nightmare

Please help if you can...

**I deleted the knitters review forum topic**

This project should have been completed on Saturday night. But when I went to do three needle BO, the number of stitches did not match up for fronts and back.

I think Knit Cafe said it best, "...there's nothing more frustrating than a pattern with mistakes."

But wait, there IS something more frustrating - when you re-knit an F**d Up pattern using the corrections and it STILL DOESN'T WORK.

I ripped out the back shoulder shaping and re-knit it.
Then I ripped out 15 inches for each front and have re-knit all the corrections, and I am still left with 24 sts on the fronts and 14 sts on the back.

I just sent an email to the store....

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shizzknits said...

WTH? Ok, my math is bad, but that's waaay off.

CAn you just fudge the shoulder shaping with more decreases so the # of sts. match up?

Sheesh, sucks to pay for a pattern and then find out it's wrong.