Friday, January 19, 2007

let's talk about the sleeves now

if you can make a 3.5" fit into a 9.5" armhole
make it look good
then you should be carried through town a throne

I, however, was not able to do this
so I had to, once again, RIP OUT my sleeves to the armhole BO section
and REKNIT the sleeves
BO as for the back and decrease evenly over EIGHT INCHES
to make the sleeves fit into said armhole

I must say that Knit Cafe has given me great encouragement that even I COULD WRITE A BETTER PATTERN than they have

I just hope that, if they are given the opportunity to write a second edition, that they do a better job of it and include specifics regarding joining the fronts and backs, and MAKE THE SLEEVE CAPS BIGGER
that other people who have broken forehead skin by pounding their head against the wall find my blogs entries regarding CORRECTIONS for the KNIT CAFE SLOUCHY CARDIGAN and have a better time of it than I did.

I am too busy enjoying my GORGEOUS cardigan that I am now wearing to be bitter any longer

I am now going to start the Vogue Pattern

in a gorgeous pink color that everyone thinks looks red


1 comment:

a friend to knit with said...

Ha! I made the slouchy cardigan, and actually called the store to ask if that was correct! I told them there is no way that would fit or look nice, so I just came up with my own modification!

They definitely should re write that!........I am going to find a picture of yours now.........