Monday, January 22, 2007

I walked into a door last night

As I meandered into the bedroom with my new knitting project in my hand, I grazed the door frame, said "Ow," got into bed, began knitting, then gasped in horror as I realized I had broken my needle during the door meet and greet.
I have been knitting for almost five years and have never broken a needle.
It's really no big deal, I happen to have the exact same set of bamboo US 7 Clovers.
But I was left wondering what to do with my leftover needle.
Should I keep it, in case one day the other needle has an accident?

What do you do with your needle widows?

1 comment:

sprite said...

Pair it with a needle topper and you have a size 7 stitch holder -- perfect for longer sections!