Wednesday, January 31, 2007

project number four

no, I haven't finished the baby sweater project
no, I haven't finished the cashmere scarf
no, I haven't finished the eyelet blouse
yes, I found a new project to start
using ultra-crazy-coloured mohair from a bag sale
I attempted to use this mohair in a tight-fitting Rowan sweater a while back, but the color repeat was super dorky
I saw this

and thought - hmmmm, color repeat might be better and it would be very lightweight and squishable if I decided to take it along as sweater on our trip in April

done on US 13, pieces are basically squares and rectangles

the most difficult part so far has been interpreting what pattern stitch, "purled stitch," is
my best guess so far is reverse stockinette
this deduction came after knitting several rows in garter and then ripping it out

I just looked at the pattern in Italian, then referred to my Knitting Languages book and indeed,
Maglia rasata rovescia, means reverse stockinette
Yeah for me!

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