Thursday, January 18, 2007

the next night

I sat down and continued re-knitting my fronts
cursing the pattern outloud
my husband offered to look at the pattern

after he read the whole thing and still didn't have an answer, I showed him the diagram
"See here," I said, pointing to the width of the top of the front shoulder, "It only applies to this part of the width of the top of the back. The remaining width is the 10 left over stitches I have."
So he looked at the picture of the sweater again and said, "See how they attached the hood so low down on the front - they didn't attach the other side of the hood to the other the front in the same place."

And then we both realized. 14 sts are to three-needle BO'd, the remaining 10 should be BO and the hood will be sewn on to them. They consider these 10 stitches to be part of the neck edge that they instruct you to sew the hood on to.

I believe this is a case in which more words would have been better. Considering that this pattern takes up four pages of their book already.

I still have not received a response from Knit Cafe.

At knitting last night, a friend was about to begin the skirt and I said, "WAIT! HAVE YOU SEEN THE CORRECTIONS YET?!"

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